Separation Agreements

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What A Separation Agreement Can Do

Spouses may agree in writing on all aspects of separation from alimony to child support. To create a valid separation agreement, the agreement must be in writing and acknowledged by both parties in front of a certifying officer. The key to a valid separation is that it be fair and obtained without duress. It is very important to obtain legal representation to make sure your agreement covers all possible aspects of your situation. And even though parties can agree on custody and support of children, courts are not bound by the child’s involvement in a separation agreement.

There are also other aspects to separation agreements that involve the ability to later modify the writing. If a contract agreement is submitted to the court, it becomes a court order and is modifiable and enforceable by contempt. Otherwise, if not submitted to the court, the agreement is only enforced by an action for breach of contract with certain terms being non-modifiable.

A good separation agreement includes the details about how the parties will act in almost every imaginable situation that may arise in the future. Well drafted agreements also provide for a fair and balanced division of any property. And depending on the position a party takes, legal representation is important to ensure the agreement is a fair one.


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