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In North Carolina, each driver owes a duty to others around them to drive as a reasonable and prudent person would drive. If someone fails to drive in this reasonable manner, and causes damage because of that failure, we call that person “negligent.” Negligent drivers in North Carolina are responsible for compensating the injured party for their damages which could include: medical bills, pain and suffering, damage to personal or real property, loss of life enjoying activities, loss of income, and/or punitive damages, to name a few.

Typically, once you file a claim with the negligent party’s insurance company, a claims adjuster will contact you. If you are not familiar with the process, these adjusters can seem abrasive, pushy, and harsh. In these situations, you will benefit from having your own attorney communicate with the insurance company. A licensed attorney in North Carolina who handles personal injury matters can evaluate your claim and help you make a demand for damages that are rightly yours. You might think that you will pocket more compensation by handling your claim without an attorney. Please do NOT attempt to handle it alone. Remember, it is not the insurance company’s job to point-out damages to which you are entitled.

In certain cases, your damages can far exceed the policy limits of the negligent driver. Before considering accepting any policy limit, you should consult a personal injury attorney to explore other options including: other insurance policies of the negligent person, under-insured policy, un-insured policy, and/or considering whether the negligent driver is judgment proof (income and/or assets).

There is much work involved with collecting information about the collision, damages, medical records and medical bills. We encourage you to meet with us to talk about your case. Note: no attorney-client relationship is created by the reading of the content as posted on this website.

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