Marriage Annulment

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How  an Annulment Works

A marriage annulment essentially erases the marriage as if it never happened. There are several grounds that may grant annulments including: nearer of kin than first cousins, under age, misrepresentation of pregnancy, physical impotence, or lack of contractual capacity from either party. These grounds are “voidable” and the marriage can be attacked by parties to the marriage, but in certain instances, only one or few parties may be able to file for an annulment of the marriage. In many instances, voidable marriages become non-voidable after the factor that makes the marriage voidable is satisfied.

A bigamous marriage in North Carolina is a “void” marriage. This means that it is not valid from its inception. However, there are some defenses to a claim that a marriage is bigamous.

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Other Rights

The parties to the marriage may have rights to post separation support and attorneys’ fees. Schedule a consultation to see if you qualify.


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