Landlord/Tenant Disputes

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What Kind of Issues Could Arise

There are many disputes that could arise between a landlord and tenant. Problems may be created because of a failure of one party to meet a duty or obligation to the other party. In North Carolina, landlords owe certain duties to tenants, and tenants owe duties to landlords. Residential disputes can differ significantly from commercial leases. The relationship is governed by contract law, but there are many residential statutes that govern how the parties must act in certain situations. For example, landlords may charge a security deposit in some instances, but landlords are required to account to the tenant within time constraints if the landlord uses the security deposit to cover expenses.

Ejecting Tenant

Many disputes can arise from ejectment. And landlords should consult with a lawyer before taking action to eject a tenant. Also, damages may arise due to an improper ejectment.

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