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For Convictions

Certain persons may qualify to clear their criminal history depending upon the age of the defendant when the offense was committed and the person’s behavior since the time of conviction. Most commonly expunged convictions come from those who were convicted of an offense they committed before turning 18 years of age or for some alcoholic offenses committed before reaching 21 years of age. Also, certain nonviolent felonies and misdemeanors may be expunged even if you were older than 21 years of age when the offense was committed.

The process can be quite tedious and time consuming, but we can help make it as simple as possible. Schedule a consultation to see if you qualify for an expunction of records.

For Charges that were Dismissed or Found Not Guilty Still Showing-up on Records

There is a way to obtain relief from those pesky charges appearing on your criminal history. So often employers, landlords, or others look negatively upon charges even if they were dismissed or you were found not guilty. Schedule a consultation to see if we can help you clean the slate and start anew.

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